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About Rhino Putting Greens

Rhino Sports is an expert in sporting equipment, sports flooring and artificial turf putting greens and golf greens. For over twenty years, we have been building dreams for homeowners and commercial business owners. From basketball courts and batting cages, to tennis courts and putting greens, Rhino Sports has created it.

We believe that having backyard sports flooring not only saves you time on yard work, but also promotes family togetherness and good health. Because of that belief, we pride ourselves in constructing and installing the best sports flooring and multi-purpose sports flooring for residential and commercial areas. Our sports equipment and flooring are durable and safe. Our floors are created with the latest and greatest technology so that you get protection for your ankles, knees and lower back while you play.

Great courts, sports flooring and sports equipment, that’s the Rhino Sports promise to you!