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Commercial Turf

Rhino Sports has the best turf for commercial areas! From playgrounds and parks to sports areas and office buildings, we can install a turf that works for you. Lawn maintenance is costly. Factor in constant play and foot traffic and you’ve got an area that’s nearly impossible to maintain. With our artificial turf, your commercial area will look great, feel great and save you money all year long.

Rhino’s artificial turf works perfectly with existing landscapes. Even if you have rocks, trees or water features in your area, we can install custom designed turf to fit. Artificial turf stays green all year, doesn’t need mowing and is very easy to maintain. You’ll save money and have the perfect lawn area!

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to reduce the cost of your monthly landscape bill. Install our artificial turf for your commercial area. Contact Rhino Sports for your custom designed, expertly constructed turf now!