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Golf Greens by Rhino Sports

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re stuck at home. You’d love to hit a few on the course, but you’ve got the kids, your wife has the car, or worse, you’ve got yard work. Sound familiar? Are you improving your golf game in your dreams, but can’t find time to make it a reality? We have the solution for you. With one of our golf greens in your yard, you’ll cut out the time-consuming yard work, the commute, and best of all, even if you’re watching the kids, you can still practice your game!

Rhino Sports has state-of-the-art golf greens for your home! We can custom design a green to fit your area, large or small. With the help of our expert crew, you can design the perfect green to meet your golfing needs. Design a golf green as easy or as difficult as you want. Install our greens around a pool in your backyard, or bring the green to the front yard for an even larger practice area.

Our golf greens are made using fine synthetic materials, meaning you’ll get high quality with any installation. Our expert construction and installation team is ready to give you the best golf greens available! So, the next time you can’t hit the course because you’ve got the kids and your wife has the car, step out onto your newly, custom designed and expertly installed golf greens and practice your game all day!