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Golfers everywhere agree that Rhino Golf Greens are a great way to improve your game and have fun! Our professional quality, fine synthetic turf and grass products resemble a real grass golf course. You’ll notice the quality chipping, pitching, and putting you’ll get with one of our greens at your residential or commercial area.

Not only will you save money on lawn maintenance, but you’ll also save time. With our synthetic and artificial turf putting greens you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing or fertilizing. They’re great for the entire family. And, you can install a green around an existing swimming pool; children’s play area, inside or outside.

Here are just some of the great comments we’ve gotten from satisfied Rhino Golf Green customers:

“No more three-put greens for me! My Rhino Golf Green has done wonders for my game.”

Allen Davies
Miami, Florida

“My golfing buddies have been amazed at my putting. Now they all want Rhino Golf Greens.”

Paul Brian
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Thank you, Rhino. Now I can spend quality time with my kids — and perfect my putting at the same time!”

Janet Richards
Fresno, California

“Because of our Rhino Golf Green, my son’s decided to take up the game, too.”

Chris Edwards
San Antonio, Texas

Don’t forget! Rhino is the leader in sports flooring. We can give you custom courts for your sports games. Contact us for more information.

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